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About DIY Tube Coin

The video sharing rewards system backed by a growing community.

Can I make money with DIY Tube?

As more people join DIY Tube Video sharing community and start earning DIY Tube Coins (rewards), the word will spread. A snowball effect will begin with the value of the community increasing as the community grows larger. The more people interact with DIY Tube, the more its value will grow.

  • Save DIY Tube Coins & watch your rewards grow.
  • Spend DIY Tube Coins in the community.
  • Trade DIY Tube Coins with friends.
  • Use for perks and upgrades in DIY Tube.

DIY Tube Video Community hopes to be able to share revenue once we are making enough profits. So join the team and lets grow together.


BUY DIY Tube Coins Coming Soon!

DIY Tube is planning to open up the sale of DIY Tube Coins (Rewards) for use inside the community. Stay tuned for updates.

What is DIY Tube Coin

DIY Tube Coin was originally going to be a form of cryptocurrency to be rewarded to people for interacting
on DIY Tube Video Community site.

After the collapse of cryptocurrency, the plan for a DIY Tube Coin as cryptocurrency was dropped. All the functionality and value of the coins inside DIY Tube remain in place today as Rewards for activities on the site.

DIY Tube Coins (Rewards) have no value outside of the virtual DIY Tube Video Community and cannot be traded or exchanged outside the DIY Tube site.

Video creators are rewarded DIY Tube Coins (Rewards) for minutes played and interaction with their videos. Commentors are rewarded based on the popularity of their comments. Everyone earns DIY Tube Coins in the DIY Tube Video Community. Payments are made every 24 hours. Make a comment today and see your earnings grow tomorrow.

DIY Tube Coins (Rewards) can be used inside the DIY Tube Video Community for perks and upgrades on the site. Coins can be used to promote your video or channel onto the homepage. DIYT can be traded or given to other members as a tip or as a thank you for a shout out video. Soon it will be possible to trade DIYT Coins for merchandise inside the DIY Tube Video Community. Also planned is the ability to purchase DIYT Coins for use inside the community. This will allow members to either earn their rewards or, if they prefer not to wait, purchase coins to be used for perks and upgrades inside DIY Tube.

DIY Tube Video Origins

DIY Tube Video Community formed back in November 2017 when the Troy, the founder, had a feeling that YouTube was going to take a major negative turn. Payments from YT were slowly diminishing over the past two years already so people felt that something was in the air. Some lawsuits were going on and many content creators were seeking somewhere else to host their work.

Troy owns The Do It Yourself World LLC, plus a website and YT channel with the same name. The Do It Yourself World channel has over 100,000 subscribers even now (May 2018). But with constantly reduced payments for the same work, it was soon not going to be enough to live on. So the idea of DIY Tube Video Community was formed. The original idea was to have ads playing on the videos and share 50% of all ad revenue with content creators. But getting ads requires a lot of traffic and some time behind you. Time was not on our side since YT was making even more major changes in the way they paid people. The accounting would also be a nightmare for a startup company to pay people in different countries around the world.

From these issues DIY Tube Coin was born. In early May of 2018, 249,500,000 DIY Tube Coins were minted to be used for payment to members on the DIY Tube Video Community. Now there was some more flexibility and the idea came up to reward all members for activity on the site. Since cryptocurrency has no borders, people around the globe can be paid with much less accounting to deal with. The idea of a virtual wallet inside the website further reduces accounting issues. Virtual transactions can occur every day with no costs or fees. Only when the coins are taken out onto the Ethereum blockchain is a taxable transaction with gas fees taking place. (Gas is a sort of transaction fee on the Ethereum network).

Members are paid in DIYT Coins every 24 hours for activities on the site. Content creators are paid for video views and thumbs up. Members who leave comments are paid for their comments and thumbs up. Now, if you make a comment today, you will be paid tomorrow.

Since the founding of DIY Tube Video Community, the team has grown to include a developer, beta tester and computer tech and more.

Update late 2018.

After the collapse of the cryptocurrency market in 2018, the idea of using cryptocurrency was dropped. This was to prevent the value of the DIY Tube Video Community being drawn down along with the value of the cryptocurrency market. At this time the DIYT Coins became known as Rewards. All functionality and value of the DIYT Coins inside DIY Tube Video Community remain in place exactly as they were originally intended. The main difference today is that DIYT Coins (Rewards) cannot be traded outside of the virtual environment of DIY Tube. DIY Tube Coins today are only a reward system inside the virtual realm of DIY Tube Video Community and cannot be traded outside in any way, shape or form.

DIY Tube still hopes to be able to share revenue with its members one day when profits are large enough. So join DIY Tube today and lets grow together.

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DIY Tube Timeline

Timeline of events and future plans for DIY Tube Video Community.

Plans Timeline Success Links
Form DIY Tube Videos 3rd quarter 2017 DIY Tube Video site successWent live November 2017
Get cloud storage 1st quarter 2018 DIY Tube Videos in the cloudIn the cloud Mar 2018 ...
Mint DIY Tube Coin 1st quarter 2018 Minted DIY Tube CoinMarch 2018
Get DIY Tube Coin on exchanges 1st quarter 2018 DIY Tube Coin on ForkdeltaDIYT Coins available on Forkdelta DIYT on Forkdelta
Integrate coin with video site 2nd quarter 2018 Minted DIY Tube CoinMay 2018 ----
Set up live chat pages 2nd quarter 2019 in development ----
Set up live streaming 2nd quarter 2019 in testing phase ----
Set up blog platform 3rd quarter 2019 ---- ----

Future plans for DIY Tube community

We are planning to have live chat, blogging platform, newsletters and live video streaming integrated with the DIY Tube Video Community website to make DIY Tube your all-in-one social media platform.

In the second to quarter of 2019 we are planning to expand the community to include live chat and discussions. Live chat is currently being tested at the time of this update.

Some time in the 3rd quarter of 2019 testing on live video streaming will be completed and open to the public.

In the late second quarter to early third quarter 2019 we plan to set up a blogging platform so members can promote their video channel directly from DIY Tube.

latest News

Some of our major accomplishments along the way since we started the project in November 2017.

  • Admin
  • Nov 2017

Welcome to DIY Tube Videos.

DIY Tube Videos went live in Nov 2017 and the community pages were started in Jan 2018.

  • Admin
  • March 2018

Video Storage In The Cloud.

DIY Tube Videos went to the cloud. We now have unlimited storage space in the cloud.

  • Admin
  • March 2018

DIY Tube Coin Minted.

DIY Tube Coin has been minted and is riding on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Join DIY Tube Video Community:

Get 1,000 free DIYT Coins when you upload your first 10 videos.

Get 1,000 free DIYT Coins when you get your first 100 subscribers.

Get 10 free DIYT Coins when you make your first 10 comments.


We are giving away millions of coins to members in order to kick start the DIY Tube Video Community. DIYT Coins can be used for various perks and upgrades inside the community website. More features are being added all the time.

The first 1,000 members in each category above get paid in DIYT Coins. Payment is fully automatic so you do not have to do a thing. Just start participating in the community and you will receive your coins once you reach your goal.

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